Sentence Work



Revise these sentences “over half court” and inserting agents of action and action verbs.  Use the following sentence types only:


IC, fanboys IC.




One obvious difference with these two papers is the format of each. In my college essay, it is clear that I have written in APA format, that is: attention grabber, thesis statement and organization of paragraph. In my high school paper it clear that there is no structure, all my facts and details are scattered throughout the paper and it is not very well organized. Secondly, my high school essay was an interview, yet for such an interview it wasn’t very entertaining as it could have been. I was interviewing one of the most successful and well known playwrights in Jamaica, yet, the essay gave the impression as if I were interviewing an individual about very uninteresting topics like the growth of grass or the drying of paint. I’m sure that with this knowledge, that was given to me by Professor Jay Walitalo in my previous English class, would have made me given Mr. James Baldwin a much more riveting interview if he were alive today. Despite the goals of his work, his pieces were still humorous as well as informative.



The paragraph below has had all of the sentence punctuation and beginning-of-sentence capitalization removed.  Please revise into clear, “over half-court” sentences with strong agents of action and action verbs.  Cut and paste the paragraph into MS Word to do this work.

Now that you have revised the paragraph, answer the following questions:  What makes something a sentence?  How were you able to determine where to break up these sentences?  Why is it important to have clear agents of action and action verbs?


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