Reflective Writing Assignments: LIST

This is the list of reflective writing assignments.  You only need to do 10 for the semester.  Note the ones in bold are required.  You can choose from the others to reach the magic 10 number.  Reflective writing must be done throughout the course, not all at the end.



1)  Reflection on Project 1:  Literacy Narrative. (Required)

What did you learn about your writing and your literacy from doing this project?

How did your new understanding of rhetoric enable you to do this project?

List the specific steps of the writing process you used to complete this project. How did you work differently than the past? How could you improve your writing process?


2) Reflection 2:  Primary Research

What was it like to do a project that was mostly centered on primary research:  the collecting and evaluation of your own data.  What difficulties did you face? What did you learn about this kind of research work?  you enjoy about the process?


3) Reflection #3:  Sentences.

Discuss this statement.  Writing style and a writer’s voice comes from his/her sentence construction.  That’s how Hemingway is different than Faulkner or Cisneros from Diaz.

4) Reflection 4:  Sociology Project (Required)

Use Toulmin analysis to discuss the argument you make in your sociology project?

How is this project different than the literacy narrative  in terms of form, style, structure etc.

What changes did you make to your writing process to complete this project?

5) Reflection #5:  The current project to create a print ad requires you to think about a target audience.  Discuss how your choice of audience will influence your ad’s purpose and media design.  Think about other things you have written for school or outside of school.  How did audience influence what you had to say?

6) Reflection #6:  What three things have most improved your writing this semester.  Give examples and say why.  Reviewing sample assignments.  Peer reviewing the work of others.  Having others peer review your work.  Breaking the writing process into steps.  Proofreading techniques.  Sentence work.  Understanding rhetorical choices.  Working in a blog environment.  Class discussion.  Group work.  The Writing Center.

7) Reflection #7:  Print Ad Project (Required)

Discuss the role audience plays in determining what you said and how you said it.

Discuss how the media/design of this project enabled you to incorporate more visual components and how well those components turned out.  If you had more time or better access to software, what would you have done differently in terms of the visual part of this project?

How did you make sure that your rationale and ad had no errors?


Discuss specific ways that you feel the study of rhetoric has or will prevent you from being bamboozled by the words, images and texts of others.  What has the study of rhetoric enabled you to do that you could not do before?


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