Assignments 10 – 15: Project 3 Assignments

Project 3:  Marketing Analysis and Advertisement

Assignements 10-15


Assignment 10:  The Poetic Form

In class we read and discussed three poems:  A spoken word poem by Lyiscott, Sandburg , and Lopez.  Each poem was in a particular poetic forms and followed specific conventions and rules.

For this assignment, write three poems that follow particular poetic forms, for example :  Haiku, Sonnet, Free Verse, Limerick, Lyric, Ode, Slam, Tanka, Pop Song, Spoken Word.  Be prepared to show how your poems follow the form.

The subject of your poems should be Language.

The poems can include non-english words.

Post your poems to your blog.



Assignment 11:  Annotated Bibliography:  Researching the Literacy Problem in the United States

Create an annotated Bibliography of 3 – 5 quality sources that discuss, detail or relate to the topic.  Each entry should have a correct  APA citation, a summary of the information of the sources and a response or reaction from you.  For the latter consider answering these questions:

1)      Why did you choose this source?  (Consider ethos and stance here)

2)      What from your experience supports or contradicts the source?

3)      What other source does this source relate to?


Assignment 12:  :  Draft of Rationale and Print Ad Idea (drawn up by hand)


Assignment 13:  Iterative Draft of Rationale and Mock-up of Print Advertisement.


Assignment 14:  Print ad Trial Response.   (Done in class on Thursday)

Assignment 15:  Completed Draft of Rationale and Print Ad  (Due Thursday)


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