Annotated Bibliography Assignment


Each annotated bibliography entry should have three things.

1) A full APA citation
2) A summary of the source: a 3-4 sentences that includes what kind of source it is (journal article, research study, program web page etc.), an attempt to establish the authority of the author or the text, the main point of the source and specific claims that relate to 3 below.
3) A discussion of the source:  What did you find interesting?   How does the source change the way you think about the subject that the source discusses?  What did you learn from the source?  What connections can you make between the source and the other things you have read?  Other things you have studied?  Other things you have observed in real life?

In choosing sources, you should not use wikipedia, encylcopedias, fact sites like, personal web pages or blogs.

For more information on annotated bibliographies see the Purdue OWL.

title=”Purdue OWL annotated bibliography”>

Note that the samples on the Purdue OWL do not include step 3 above.


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